Plaster Painting Party

Parties are the celebration of a loved one's birthday, and according to our philosophy, we would celebrate your child's party like we would our own. We believe that as your child grows and celebrates his or her birthdays with their family and friends, they will be able to look back upon the fun and enjoyable events they experienced.

Plastermania's main objective is to prepare you for hosting your child's plaster painting birthday party.  Hosting a party is not as daunting as it may seem if one is prepared accordingly. Hence, Plastermania has taken the opportunity to list some tips and tricks to hosting a successful children's birthday party by creating the 'Hosting it Yourself' Party Guide. It is complimentary to any parent or guardian who is wishing to take make their child's birthday party a memorable one for them whilst still providing entertainment for the children through games, dancing and of course Plaster painting . It is full of tips and tricks for the parent hosting the party, giving you ideas on games to play and activities for the children to enjoy.

Host your own Plaster Painting Party

  • We will accept your plaster party pack order via phone or email 
  • You can choose to purchase as many plasters as you require from a random selection of plasters.
  • The DIY party pack is priced per child which includes:
    • 2 plasters per child (One large plaster and one small plaster)
    • High quality Acrylic paint
    • Paint brushes
    • Foam trays to place plasters in
    • Glitters
    • and water containers
  • We will gladly include our Free Plastermania 'Host it yourself' Party Guide which consists of a whole list of fun games for the children to enjoy.
  • In addition to the party guide we also offer a free party invitation design that we make custom for you to give to your guests.
  • Upon manufacturing completion of plasters, you will be notified and can decide to pick up the plasters or have them posted to you (based on courier pricing from our Bankstown postcode 2200). We recommend our Sydney Customers to pick up their plasters as couriers can never take too much care of the fragile plaster items whilst also saving on delivery costs.
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