Plastermania Party Invite

Birthday Party invitations are considered to be part of the birthday party decorations themselves. Actually finding appropriate birthday party invitations with an attractive layout can be cumbersome when there are so many variations of designs out there.

Having a nicely presented and colourful invitation always instills a feeling of excitement and anticipation of the forth coming party for the invitees. Why not instill this feeling in your child's friend's hearts by taking advantage of Plastermania's free invitation.

We have carefully designed an invitation for parents to use to send to their child's friends who will be attending their party

By taking up this complimentary service, parents will enjoy organising their child's birthday party with one less thing to think about. We will prepare the invitation by requesting party details from you such as the party address, times, rsvp details etc. The colour of the lettering in the invite will correspond with the age and gender of the child.

Feel free to mention this offer when purchasing plasters for your child's next birthday party


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