Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do u provide invitations with the party pack?
Yes, we offer an optional customised plaster party invite (free of charge) for you to send to invitees
  • Do I need to setup tables and chairs for the party?
No, we provide everything to cater for all children. No mess

  • What activities will the children enjoy on the day?
Apart from painting the plasters, if you follow the 'Hosting it Yourself' Party Guide, the children will enjoy a variety of other fun games and activities. These are all outlined in the guide.

  • What will the party cost me?

The party price will be determined by 1) the number of children and 2) if you decide to hire our equipment

  • I want to purchase the DIY party pack, how will I receive the plasters?

DIY party packs can be posted or picked up from our Bankstown, Sydney Location. (Postage to your location is an additional cost).

  • If I choose to hire Plastermania's party equipment, when will the equipment be dropped off and picked up is there an additional charge for this service?
We will deliver the equipment to your preferred location on the night before the party, and will pick up the equipment the following day after the party. Yes there is an additional charge of $60 for the use of the equipment
  • Will I be liable for any damages to Plastermania's Party equipment?
Yes, a Hire Agreement will be signed by the customer who will agree to any damages caused on Plastermania's party equipment. As such a bond of $100 must be payed up front at the time of the equipment drop off. The equipment will be inspected before and after the party and if all seems fine, the bond will be returned to you upon the picking up of the equipment.

  • Do I have to hire Plastermania's Party Equipment?
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